It was love at first sight when I went on my first guided Sahara tour. The openness, the quietness and the spectacle of the nature touched me very deeply.
A few years ago I met a nomadic family through a friend. I befriended this family and I have taken many of my friends to meet and to travel though the Sahara with them.

The result of this is now, that I take people with me who I do not know. I take a maximum of 12 people for each trip. To complete the group we have a guide from Marocco and dromedaries to carry the food and baggage.
I also offer travels for Individuals. This is a good opportunity to get know yourself better. The peace of the Sahara can bring new ideas and perspectives. If wished I can offer guided mediation, reflection or just silence.
We also enjoy the convenience of a chef, a camel guide with 2 to 4 camels.
A stranger is a friend – who you don’t know yet and a friend of a friend is also a friend!

Sufi Zita

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