I met Ani Yeshi Dolma in the monastery “Achong Namdzong”on my first trip to Tibet.
At time she was very little and the youngest nun in the monastery. Her life story moved me very much and immediately decided to sponsor her.
With a yearly donation of CHF500.— she is able to pay for her education , buy food, clothes, religious ornaments and if necessary medication.

I am planning to go back to Amdo (East Tibet) this autumn. With this in mind, I started a project for people in need.
We can also set up sponsorships for the children out of divorces. Divorced mothers have most of the time no financial means and cannot afford to send their children to school.
There are children like Ani Yeshi Dolma. She was placed into the monastery at the age of 7. Her father died and her mother had not enough money to feed all her children. Therefore she had to give her oldest child Ani away.