Sponsorship project and construction monastery monks for children


In the monastery of Shurishing Yungdrung Kundrakling live 35 children. Most of these children are aged between 6 and 18. All children are from the Himalayan region and are orphaned, have only one parent or are from a disadvantaged background. The children were brought to the monastery to have a home. Some of the children have no relatives left and are completely dependent on Khenpo Yongten Gyatso. Khenpo Yongten Gyatso is from Tibet/Kham and is the spirituel leader of this Bon monastery in South Sikkim. His everyday life is dominated by the financial worry of how to cover the expenses of the children. The burden becomes even greater when there are medical emergencies.
In addition to his carer responsibilities he has been given the project of building a second monastery in West Sikkim. In that area live about 80 Bonpos families who have no access to spiritual support. Also there are many children who are in need of a home in a monastery of their religion.